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Cloud Architecture

With the experience of hundreds of projects, we share our best practices and recommendations about how to run your project and you can take advantage of our experience. If it is about general topics of infrastructure architecture, security, availability, application architecture or CI/CD pipelines - our teams have extensive experience and are happy to help with you.

24 x 7 Operations & Incident Management

We are constantly monitoring all aspects of your environment. In case of any incident our 24 x 7 operations team will take care of analysis and remediation. You can also reach our emergency hotline at any time.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

MCON provides automated backup solutions in order to fulfill a variety of requirements. Cloud platform tools used to provide an automated, integrated and monitored solution to make sure backups are created and ready to use.

Our in-house developed disaster recovery option is a solution to fully automate the backup and replication of your AWS environment, providing a ready-to-use DR environment at the latest backup state.

Our unique approach to seeing the restore as an integral part of the backup eliminates the need for time-consuming restore procedures. With the restores always in place we can test the DR environment at any time.


Security is paramount, we are designing your cloud environment with security in mind.
Best practices like the “AWS well architectured framework” are the foundation of our work. Each architecture change is thoroughly assessed for a potential impact on security before being executed.
In addition, we are improving your security through the implementation of Web Application Firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
We provide continuous pentesting to ensure that vulnerabilities are caught as soon as possible.


A modern development pipeline is the backbone of your development, we provide the complete toolchain to achieve this, from GitLab-ci to the replicating harbor docker registry, from bitbucket and Jenkins to packer.
We are working with a large number customer development teams around the world with different toolchains and other philosophies.
This enables us to support and guide your development teams and to find and provide the technology stack that best suits your needs.


MCON is operating in China Mainland since 2006 and has unique experience in building and running solutions in China Mainland. This includes environments running on-premise or on public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud (Domestic and International, Microsoft Azure and Huawei Cloud.

Solution design done by MCON includes the consideration of compliance topics in China Mainland and connection topics in cases the customer’s business case and infrastructure requires connections between China Mainland and other regions. We also support the application process of ICP recordals.

Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

Infrastructure and application monitoring is one of the key capabilities for successful operations. Incidents and bottlenecks must be detected and remediated immediately before impacting your users.
Our monitoring infrastructure includes a set of monitoring tools for infrastructure, applications and security.




is the 800-pound gorilla for the fast and consistent delivery of your application and microservices.

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is one of the simplest and still powerful configuration management and provisioning solution.



is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application, which helps you maintain your code, build your applications, do automated testing, track your issues and deploy.

Cloud formation

AWS Cloud Formation

helps create and manage resources, focus on your applications that run in AWS. Allowing you to rapidly build templates that can be used to replicate and amplify what you can do with AWS.



is the platform for developing, shipping and running modern applications. Docker enables you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so you can deliver software quickly.



is the open-source visualization and analytics software. It allows you to visualize and explore your metrics no matter where they are stored.



can collect metrics across almoste every platform, k8s, linux, databases, you name it. It is invaluable as a datasource to grafana.


AWS Lambda

is a compute service for many application scenarios, it provides a serverless environment without having to worry about operating systems or infrastructure.



is a complete software stack for teams adopting containers. It lowers the entry barrier for teams starting out with kubernetes while also being a powerful platform for the most experienced. We provide fully managed Rancher platforms on all infrastructure platforms.



is a full-fledged configuration automation & deployment orchestration solution. Lifecycle management with puppet creates consistent environments wherever you are.



for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently.
Terraform can manage existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions.
We create the code, terraform executes the code and builds the desired infrastructure.



a free and open source platform used for threat prevention, detection, and response.
Wazuh comes with variety of modules, such as Intrusion Detection, Regulatory Compliance (GDPR and PCI), File Integrity Monitoring, Security Configuration Assessment (CiS) and much more.

Customer Statements

  • MCON supports us to implement an effective cloud solution.
    MCON makes sure with knowledge, skills, and expertise that our applications are in place and running. The success with MCON is not only the knowledge and expertise but the availability and unconditional cooperation with MCON

    Michail Chiladakis, BMW AG

  • Perfect Support! A service provider who likes to understand exactly what the client's needs are. The architecture and implementation of the project is perfect.

    Frank Schöne, C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH

  • Toller Service, sehr zuvorkommendes Team und beste Verfügbarkeit und Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit

    Nicolette Oeltges, Stiftung Finanzbildung gUG

  • The service MCON provides is second to none. They have provided solutions and execution of projects for us with confidence, knowledge, and a service level that is top tier.

    Matthew Richman, Production Glue

  • They are super knowledgeable and really dedicated to great customer service.

    Josh Van Dyk, censhare

Cloud Partner

  • AWS partner network logo

    the most extensive global cloud infrastructure, leader of Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services since more than 10 years

  • Alibaba Cloud

    a full range of cloud products and services and unmatched services in connecting China Mainland to other regions

  • Hetzner Cloud

    Service Provider Awards 2020 the "Platin" Winner


Beijing office 1

Global MCON team

Our teams are located in Beijing, Munich, Hamburg, Fez, and Puebla and provides a seamless 24 x 7 service experience to you.
We are specialized in Managed Services since 2001, 7 days per week, 24 hours delivered by our international, multi-cultural and multi-lingual team.


With an average professional experience of more than 10 years all our team members are certified on either AWS or other Cloud Platform provider.
In daily global stand-ups our team exchanges experience and know how and keep each other updated.

About Us

At MCON we believe that our experience and customer centric work helps you to run safer services and achieve a faster time to market for your products and digital offerings.

As Managed Service Provider we are focusing on running our customers IT infrastructure on Public Cloud, taking responsibility for security and availability 24 hours each day.
Cooperation with development and product teams and ensuring their agility is our daily business. Our global footprint ensures that we can deliver not only operations but also services in any timezone and in any region of the globe where Public Cloud is available.

breaking news 3rd August 2023: MCON Managed Services Becomes Part of the CONVOTIS Group!

We are happy to announce that the CONVOTIS Group, a leading provider of Business Solutions, Managed IT Services and digital platform solutions, has acquired MCON Managed Services, thereby adding Managed AWS, Automation, and IT Security to its portfolio. This strategic decision was made to leverage synergies and combine the strengths of both companies. This move expands our portfolio in the field of digitalization and business process optimization, thus creating numerous new possibilities.

Customers and partners will continue to enjoy our highly professional services especially on the Amazon Web Services platform and support by our engineering, project management and management teams.
As part of CONVOTIS, we significantly strengthen and expand our service portfolio in the areas of digital platforms, Managed Services, and Business Solutions.

A special focus of this addition to the portfolio is:
• the Digital Workplace, offering custom solutions for the provision of efficient IT infrastructures and modern working environments.
• METRO CLOUD, CONVOTIS' private cloud solution, companies can operate their IT systems safely and flexibly. It offers opportunities for scaling and optimizing IT infrastructure by storing and managing data and applications in a protected cloud environment.
This meets the growing demands of the digital age.

With integration into the CONVOTIS Group, there is also a geographical expansion. Together with CONVOTIS, we can now access additional locations in Austria, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, and Mexico and further expand our services.

Learn more about CONVOTIS here: www.convotis.com

“With the acquisition by the CONVOTIS Group, we are now part of a network of experienced Business Solutions and Managed IT Services providers. This strategic decision paves the way for greater geographical presence and enables us to support our customers in their digital transformation even more effectively.”

Guenther Kreuzpaintner, General Manager MCON Managed Services
Soeren Malchow, CTO MCON Managed Services


contact us anytime by mail to info(at)mcon-group.com
for support requests please send a mail to service(at)mcon-group.support
find recent operational announcements at https://status.mcon-group.info